Our services including window repairs & restorations

Here at Traditional sash windows we offer a diverse range of products and services such as sash window and double glazing repairs & restorations, Spring loaded windows, Casements, Doors, Sliding sash windows  and Conservatories.


We also offer the choice of a window repairs & restorations service  to many clients whos windows are welcoming a repair. Sometimes having your windows repaired & restored can give your windows that little bit longer life span! And delay the high costs of replacement for a few more years!


We aim to repair & restore windows where neccasary to keep windows in  good qualty and condition  We also offer these products in a variety of styles including Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian. We do this because we believe that windows and doors are an extremely important feature in any house and that they must be installed keeping within the architectural design of the building to ensure that they enhance both the look and the value of your home.


Please call for a free quotation on repairs & restorations plus more information on any other window products.

Types of Timber - pictured below are types of hard wood we use. we also use Sustainable UROPEAN RedwooD & aCCOYA

Here is a selection of our most comonly used timber, however we accomidate all customer requirements so if you would like your product in a different specisification of timber such as Oak for example we can certainly provide.


We take great pride in saying that all of our Timber is professionally sourced by leading timber suppliers and then hand picked by our joiners to ensure that the qualities of our products are kept to the highest standard possible. We only source timber from sustainable Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) approved providers.


What our Professionals look for when hand picking timber is the tightness of the grain, defects in timber i.e. splits, knots bows etc. All timber material is kiln dried to ensure minimum movement of all our bespoke joinery. These measures in turn make for faultless exceptionally high crafted joinery products. 

Accoya® Sourced Timber

Accoya® is the world’s leading high technology long life wood. Created via acetylated wood modification, using sustainably grown timber.


The Accoya® wood production process takes sustainably-sourced, fast growing softwood and, in a non toxic process that ‘enables nature’, creates a new durable, stable and beautiful product, a ‘treated timber’ that has the very best environmental credentials.


The treatment proceedure mentioned above involves the wood being soaked in a non-toxic preservative and then kiln dried making a new product that is effectively preserved Timber. The physical properties of any material are determined by its chemical structure. Wood contains an abundance of chemical groups called “free hydroxyls”. Free hydroxyl groups adsorb and release water according to changes in the climatic conditions to which the wood is exposed. This is the main reason why wood swells and shrinks. It is also believed that the digestion of wood by enzymes initiates at the free hydroxyl sites – which is one of the principal reasons why wood is prone to decay.


Acetylation effectively changes the free hydroxyls within the wood into acetyl groups. This is done by reacting the wood with acetic anhydride, which comes from acetic acid (known as vinegar when in its dilute form). When the free hydroxyl group is transformed to an acetyl group, the ability of the wood to absorb water is greatly reduced, rendering the wood more dimensionally stable and, because it is no longer digestible, extremely durable.


Accoya is the result of just over 75 years of scientific research and is helping to protect the world’s precious hardwood resources and is guaranteed by Accoya for 50 years in exterior use and 25 years when used in the ground. This long life also provides an added benefit – helping to reduce carbon emissions.


Planitherm Glass

PLANITHERM is a new generation of energy saving window glass that uses advanced coatings and Argon gasfilled units to retain more internal warmth whilst capturing free energy from natural daylight. That means lower energy bills compared to standard windows at the same price as average windows.

This product is a relatively new form of technology and from customer feedback it certainly makes a difference in regards to heat retention within the property. Whats more we can provide this technology to the customer at no more of a cost than standard double glazed units.

Counterbalance Weights - Sash Cord - Pulleys

Amoungst the make up of our windows we only use Lead Weights instead of cast iron to counterbalance the weight of the sash itself, This is due to lead being much more dence and therefore takes up less space within the internal box its also standard in the modern make up of Box Sash Windows.


In terms of the sash cord we use it is red flex. This cord is much stronger and prevents the common problem in most Box Sash Windows of the cord snapping effecting counterbalance this is because it is pre-stretched and traditionally waxed. Our Pullys also have a simular reasonance behind them they are ballbearing and axle based pulleys which are industry approved.


Spiral Spring Balances

We can also offer Spiral Spring loaded windows these are normally installed in windows that exist in loft conversions. The Spiral Springs are capable of balanceing (up to 60lbs) and offer adjustable tension.


In terms of the ironmongery that we provide, we like to give customers as much choice as possible and therefore allow customers to decide their individual style. Browse through the listed items below or check what our previous customers have opted for in our Gallery to see what might take your fancy or if you allready know what you prefer and we dont allready provide an example we can source it for you, whether it be Brass, Nickle or Chrome.

Draft Proofing & Trickle Vents

Draft prrofing is something we instal into all windows to work the most effciently as possible. Draft prrofing comes in the form of a versatile and hard wearing universal gasket, with a resilient HDPE skin, covering a low density polyurethane core. The option to have trickle Vents is also open to customer choice.



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Job offer!

Vacancies available for three experienced bench joiners to join our busy team in Battersea South London.


Employee must have experience with manufacturing timber sash windows and doors.



If you would like to find out more please email us providing your CV.

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